ok. i get it. you want to make money of your new purchase. you spent a lot of money, so that is fair enough. i can even forgive you for making me look at a few sponsored posts on my dash. but can i just suggest that you don’t force me to look at posts from blogs called ‘universalhorrorfilms’? IT IS RIGHT IN THE URL. HORROR. FILMS. I DO NOT NEED GIFS (THAT I CANNOT HIDE OR BLOCK LIKE ON FACEBOOK) OF THE FUCKING PURGE SITTING IN BETWEEN MY PICTURES OF CATS AND FANDOM POSTS. do you realise that like half your users are nocturnal? do you think i’m going to keep using tumblr at night if i can’t even be guaranteed that my own dash won’t give me nightmares? (and yes it was just a gif but there is a reason i don’t watch those films. they. freak. me. out.)